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I struggled with what to put on this page.  For inspiration--with intent to steal--I looked at the
websites of a
number of other writers.  Some of them were dry recitations of past and current projects
with about as much
personal information as I would expect to find on a tombstone.  Others went too deep, baring so much mental
baggage that I suspect I’ll need a luggage cart if I ever read the author’s work in the future.

Let’s find a happy medium.

When a story inspires a reader to the point that he or she seeks out the author’s webpage, it usually means one
of a select number of things.  It may mean that the reader enjoys the author’s work and is looking for more of the
same.  It may mean that the reader wants to know what makes the author tick because the reader is also
interested in becoming a writer.  Or, it may simply mean that the reader is looking for free stuff.

I hope to offer you a little of all three.  

So welcome.  Take a look around.  The rooms are mostly bare at this point, but I’m still moving in.  Be a good
neighbor.  Drop me a line and let me know what you like or don’t like.  I’ll do my part and keep the place looking

Byron Leigh
Official website of author, writer Byron Leigh aka Bryon Leigh.  Leigh's stories include Bullies, The Premium Channel, Golden
Boys, The Faros, and The Fortune Teller, in the genres of thriller, mystery, and science fiction, appearing in Crimespree,
McNight, and Pipedream.
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